Calligraphy pen from my new lathe


The nib holder inserts that I ordered from Stiles and Bates arrived the other day, so I thought I’d have a go at making a calligraphy pen on my lathe to test them out. This is the first thing I’ve made since installing the new motor. The timber is from a scrap piece of chair leg and has quite a coarse grain, not really suitable for this purpose, but it meant I didn’t have to rough it out first. First I drilled a 6mm hole for the nib holder, then mounted the timber in the lathe and turned it. I forgot to allow for the waste I’d have to cut off at each end, so the handle is a bit short, but the nib insert fitted nicely and the pen is lovely to hold.

Now to experiment with some different timbers and designs and put them up for sale!

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